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At Halal Market & Meats, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our customer experience. Providing Rochester and the surrounding areas Halal products since 1977 has been our pride and main foucs for years. Islamically salughtered beef, lamb, goat, and chicken for our growing community and guests alike has driven us to educate ourselves and others the fine quality and taste we strive in delivering to our customers.


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 Meaning of halal

"Halal" is an Arabic word meaning "lawful" or "permissible", and the term not only covers food and drink, but also to all matters of daily life. When it comes to halal food, most people think of meat foods only. However, Muslims must ensure that all foods, particularly processed foods, pharmaceuticals, and non-food items like cosmetics, are also halal. Frequently, these products contain animal by-products or other ingredients that are not permissible for Muslims to eat or use on their bodies.

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