Chicken Kebab  (Tavuk Kebabı) 6.99

(Char-grilled, marinated, and skewered

tender cubes of Chicken)

Lamb·Beef Kebab (Adana Kebabı) 6.99

(Ground Lamb and Beef tastefully

seasoned with red pepper, skewered

and grilled)

Shish Kebab (Şiş Kebabı) 7.99

(Filet Mignon Cubes, marinated,

skewered and grilled medium rare or well-done)

Mixed Plate (Karışık Izgara) 19.99

(Chicken, Beef, Adana & Kufta)

(Kebabs are also served with rice, salad,

and pita for an additional 1.00)

Adana (w/yogurt) 10.99

(Two skewers of Adana served over a bed of

Pita Bread and topped with homemade tomato

sauce, yogurt and butter)

Beyti (w/yogurt) 10.99

(Skewers of ground Lamb and Beef wrapped

in a thin flat bread, cut into bite size pieces,

served with homemade tomato sauce, yogurt,

and a generous amount of melted butter)

Kufta (w/yogurt) 10.99

(Seasoned ground meat patties served over

a bed of pita bread, topped w/tomato sauce, yogurt and butter)

Halal Pizzeria

Cheese Pizza

9.99 Medium (6 Slices)

13.99 Large (8 Slices)

2.49 Per Slice

1.50 Small  |  2.50 Large  Additional toppings

(Banana Pepper, Black Olives, Mushroom,

Halal Pepperoni, Sucuk (Turkish Sausage), Green Peppers, Onions, Tomato)

Specialty Pizza

13.99  Medium  |  16.99 Large (Buffalo Chicken)

3.29 Specialty Pizza (Slice)